FAQs about Online TABC Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

When will i get my certificate

Upon completion of the TABC certification course, you will be able to print out a copy of your certificate immediately. We will also send you the original copy of the TABC certificate within 5 days of completion of the course.

Why do I have to provide my social security number?

Your certification will be tracked via your SSN. This is not our rules, it is simply part of the process and law required to obtain your TABC certification. Our online registration process is secure and your information is kept private and will not be shared with anyone. Our customers’ privacy and security is very important to us. Click here to view our privacy policy.

What are ‘validation’ questions?

A validation questions is a question used throughout the couse in order to verify your identity. We ask these questions during enrollment and are used to be sure that you are the one taking the TABC training course. It is illegal to take the course for someone else and can result in fines or even jail time.

What if i need technical assistance?

We offer live 24-hour support by phone and email. With our help desk, you can get information such as lost login information, how to un-lock the couse, how to download flash and other frequent problems. Please visit the System Requirements section of our site to download the necessary software if required

What if I lose my TABC Certificate?

If you lose your certificate, call us and we will email you your temporary certificate for proof.

Why do I need a TABC Certificate?

Many employers throughout the state of Texas require their employees become TABC certified. This certification helps employers ensure their employees have a full understanding of all aspects involved in the sale of alcohol.

What will I learn in the TABC training course?

In the TABC online certification course, you will learn not only learn how to properly serve and sell alcoholic beverages according to Texas law, you will also learn a variety of important facts about the consumption, use and risks of alcohol that can be used in your everyday life.

What benefits does the certificate offer?

A TABC certification is required in many industries and can be transferred between jobs. With your TABC certificate you will be legally able to serve and sell alcohol in the state of Texas. In addition, you will be much more knowledgeable in any subject regarding the sale, consumption and use of alcohol.

Is the online certification the same as a classroom certification?

Yes! By taking the TABC seller/server certification course online, you will get the exact same certificate as you would in a classroom. The only difference is: you don’t have to leave your home or abide by anyone else’s schedule in order to take the course.

Do you offer any other online safety courses?

Yes, we offer a very wide rage of online safety courses for any state. For a full list, feel free to visit Online Institute of America.

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